Filler Dissolve

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What are filler dissolvers?

Most fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, so the dissolvers are made of hyaluronidase, an enzyme which cause the hyaluronic acid to safely break down to be reabsorbed by the body. 

Why dissolve the filler in the first place?

Even an experienced clinic can’t account for changes in anatomy, or an individual’s tissue response. We think of lip fillers and dermal fillers as being an art rather than a science, which is why treatment may sometimes need refinement through tweaking, or mild dissolving. However, we like to stress that at our Manchester skin clinic, our specialists are well-versed in technique and placement, and can quite accurately predict what results will look like. 

Here are a few reasons why filler may need to be dissolved:

Lumps – these are usually caused by swelling and bruising after treatment, but on occasion, can happen if the injections were placed too close to the surface of the skin. 

Migration – this is where the dermal filler moves from the injection site to another area. It can sometimes happen in cases where a client has experienced a large amount of post-treatment swelling, but can also depend on anatomy, too. 

Poor results – occasionally, a client will be unhappy with their results, despite their practitioner’s best efforts. Or, they may realise the treatment just isn’t for them. Sometimes, this can be because their lips or skin has been ‘overfilled’. 

When will I see results?

Even though the treatment gets to work immediately, it takes time to see results – sometimes several days. Sometimes, several sessions are needed to break down the hyaluronic acid effectively. 

Does treatment hurt?

Our approach is for our clients to feel as comfortable as possible during treatment, so numbing agents are used where possible. We can discuss this with you during your consultation.