Level 7 Aesthetic Practitioner Ofqual Course

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Level 7 Aesthetic Ofqual Qualification in Clinical Injectables Course

The Aesthetic Practitioner Level 7 Training Course is the very first Level 7 Injectables qualification open to both medics & non-medics anywhere in the world! Become a true master in the aesthetics field.

How do I become an Advanced Level 7 Practitioner?

The route to the top is clear and accessible for all, no matter what your previous experience.
If you are new to aesthetics then we have Access Practitioner. This is our entry level cosmetic course with includes a First Aid Certificate (including anaphylactic).

From here you need a Level 4 Qualifi Qualification, CPD is not accepted.

From here you will need a Level 5 Qualifi Qualification as a prerequisite to Level 7. This is not so much for the treatments you will master but for the essential theory and understanding required to ensure you have the knowledge and experience to continue to Level 7. The Level 5 covers Skin Needling and Chemical Peels but not as you have seen before. This is a deep look under the layers of the skin and is a totally revolutionary aesthetic qualification.

You will train in both skin-needling and peels but even if you previously had training in these, you will still need the advanced training in the morphology and anatomy to give you the underpinning knowledge which is a necessity of beginning Level 7.

It helps to see Level 5 and Level 7 as two parts of the same qualification. Level 5 will make you a master of the skin and truly understand it’s deep and powerful impact. How to treat the dermis and how to recognise conditions on the epidermis.

Level 7 – This is the same Qualification taken by medics. Here you will learn injectables.
Mandatory Units within the Level 7 Aesthetics

• Consultation – Facial Aesthetics
• Facial Aesthetics Psychology
• Botulinum Toxin Injections to the Face and Neck
• Temporary and Reversible Dermal Fillers to the Face and Neck
• Management of Complications and Medical Emergencies
Your practical cosmetic training will cover:

Basic botulinum toxin
Advanced botulinum toxin
Dermal filler foundation
Lip filler augmentation
Dental infusion with lidocaine