Luxury Lush Lashes

Luxury Lush Lashes

Luxury Lush Lashes - Coming Soon!

You know us as Luxury Lush Academy, a health and beauty training institute whose roots grew up directly from providing the best, most refined lash treatments and slowly morphed into the powerhouse beauty academy we are today. We love providing quality training to our students through the opportunity to teach, train and share our years of experience in applying semi permanent eyelashes along with a host of other beauty, skincare, and holistic health training offerings.

But it is this exact knowledge and expertise in eyelash extensions that helped stoke the fire for our newest offering: luxury lashes without the luxury price tag. We have channelled our extensive knowledge in the area of lash extensions and treatments and combined them with what we know lash wearers are after: natural-looking, high quality and affordable eyelash strips that offer intense volume and texture and that can be applied easily at home.

When it comes to your face, you already know that your eyes are the main focal point and that putting in the effort to truly enhance the look and appearance of your eyelashes makes all the difference in the world. One guaranteed way to make those changes? False eyelashes of course!

But we get it: having your lash extensions done professionally in a salon every few weeks just isn't always an option. It can be costly and time-consuming. This is exactly why we set out to create a line of handmade lash extensions for when you want to feel gorgeous and confident without a trip to the salon. Our Luxury Lush Lashes are all about adding instant drama, length and volume to your lashes at a fraction of the price. These lightweight eyelash strips add a curled, textured appearance that will draw massive attention to your eyes. They are easy on your natural lashes, reducing the impact of extensions or mascara, allowing your lashes to grow in healthy and strong.

We designed our strip lashes to be an extremely affordable, reusable option that can be applied flawlessly at home, by yourself, in 5 minutes (or less when you get really good at application!) When creating our new line of Luxury Lush Lashes, we wanted to make sure they were not only easy to apply and contact-lens friendly but handmade with high quality natural fibers as well.

The Classic line was created with the confident, classy, successful independent woman in mind. The result? Incredibly natural-looking false lashes that enhance and amplify your natural lashes and lash line, allow for perfect application everytime and are easily removed and stored for future use.

We are so proud of this new line of lashes as every detail was meticulously planned from the styles to the natural fibers to the included adhesive, and we cannot wait for the release of these Luxury Lush Lashes! Check back for the official release date! 

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