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How COVID-19 is Affecting the People working in the Beauty Industry

How COVID-19 is Affecting the People working in the Beauty Industry

The novel Corona virus has turned our lives upside down in just few days and we don’t even know when normalcy would be restored. Just like every other industry or area of life, beauty industry is also being badly affected by COVID-19 pandemic. The beauty industry includes skin care, hair care, perfume and colour cosmetics and it generates billions annually. Let us talk about how beauty industry is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and how people in this industry are being affected.

Beauty Stores Shifted Online
People who owned beauty stores have shifted their stores online to generate income. Customers have started purchasing online but the beauty industry is still in loss, which means many people working in beauty stores would not get commissions or wages. There is a huge decline in makeup sales. However, there is a slight hope in this crisis which means body care products like skin care or hair care products are generating a lot of profit as compared to last few years.

People Working in Salons
As soon as the lockdown was started, all saloons were shut down. The daily wagers, monthly wagers and even businesspersons lost their income. They still don’t know when they will get their salary again. Some salons were closed for some time but are opened again after getting infection prevention and control

Online Training and Education
Beauticians and beauty trainers are utilizing this time to give online education to their clients and to customers also. They are earning money online by training people and making videos and uploading them on YouTube. Some of them are also making their own channel and start growing.

Connecting with Clients Online
Many trainers are connecting with their clients online, so they don’t lose them after this pandemic. They are connecting with them through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and giving them tips to look great in this pandemic.

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