Funky Media Radio Interview | Luxury Lush Academy

Funky Media Radio Interview | Luxury Lush Academy

Samantha Dunning female entrepreneur based in #MANCHESTER chats with our very own Funky Cybergran at Funky Media Radio!

Samantha is an accomplished, visionary and effective leader, healthcare professional, marketer, and trainer, with over a decade of experience in sales and the healthcare field, Samantha manages all aspects of healthcare in her recruitment company, including setting up KPI Care’s healthcare recruitment and expanding it to 6 new locations. 

Samantha has a passion for the beauty industry and has launched a new business Manchester's #1 Award Winning Beauty Training Academy based in Worsley!  

Eyelash Extension Training

Our training is well structured and comprehensively tailored to set you on the right career path to achieving tremendous success in the eyelash business. We have a dedicated team of passionate and successful lashes stylists who will teach, train, and share their valuable experience with all our enrolled students.

The opportunities in this industry are enormous and still under-harnessed. Take that bold step today to learn the basic and fundamental rudiments that will help you become a master in the beauty industry.

Samantha´s LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn

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