Red Hot Plants Artificial Blossom Tree 3 colours 6ft (1.8M)

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Red Hot Plants Artificial Blossom Tree - Trailing with Pale Pink or Cream Cherry Blossom Flowers (Darker Pink)

  • 6ft (1.8m) high. Width approx 4.2ft (1.2m)
  • cream or pale pink or pink spring blossom on a natural looking artificial fibreglass trunk
  • large canopy with trailing cherry blossom flowers in cream, pale pink or darker pink.
  • detachable branches and metal base plate
  • Indoor use only

This is an eye-catching faux Blossom Tree and we think it will be perfect for wedding venues or oriental themed restaurants, where this flowering tree with an abundance of flowers will add to the ambience and theme of the room. The trailing branches are unusual and add to the uniqueness of this Blossom Tree. The branches are detachable, so this quite wide tree will fit through entrances and doorways. To ensure stability the Blossom Tree stands on a metal base that can be bolted to the floor if required.