Model - Lumi Eyes

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Lumi eyes deminishes dark under eye circles, moisturises and fights fine wrinkles. It will smooth and lift the skin under the eyes. The effect is visible after the first treatment, however a course of 3 sessions at 4 week intervals is advisable for the full effect.

Repairs, reconstructs and illuminates the skin around the eyes
Revitalises the tear ducts
Strengthens and tightens the skin
skin whitening & rejuvenation
Reduces the pigmentation of various aetiologies (including post-traumatic) and normalisation of melanogenesis
Stimulates the collagen and elastin synthesis
Significantly reduces the facial wrinkles
Intensely hydrates
Improves the skin elasticity
Tightens flabby and sagging skin

Here at Luxury Lush Academy in Manchester we use Dermaren Lumi Eyes products.